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Sonic Memorabilia

“Sonic Memorabilia” is a project about the composition of sound collages that took place in October 2021. It was a series of workshops, where the participants were invited to observe, experiment, improvise and compose their own “Sonic Memorabilia “in the form of sound collages.

Sonic Memorabilia, took the form of four online workshops that focused on deep listening, getting acquainted with the processes of sound recordings and the synthesis of sound collages. The sound artists Eva Matsigkou and Nefeli Sani from the research and artistic duo “I broke the vase” guided people who experience partial or total loss of sight, to discover the power of the sounds that surround us, to make field recordings and finally to create their own sound compositions in the form of sound collages.

This collection presents the sonic compositions of the participants, as a result of this creative process, which took place digitally in October 2021.

Sonic Memorabilia Playlist

Gregory Argyropoulos Sounds & Notes (1/9) (/ - x)

Sonic Memorabilia Tracks List

1. Gregory Argyropoulos, Sounds and Notes, 1,52”
2. Nikos Demetriou, Summer Walk, 1,03”
3. Evangelos Zalios, Balance, 1,56”
4. Konstantina Iakovou, No Step Outside This Area, 0,36”
5. Magda Kentroti, Port, 1,38”
6. Juliana Busi, 1,2,3, 1,51”
7. Vicky Birou, Sonic Memorabilia, 1,14”
8. Eleni Christodoulou, Sirens, 2,46”
9. Christina Christodoulou, Programme 9 Space, 1,10’’

“Sonic Memorabilia” is project by Off Stream in collaboration with I broke the vase supported by HumanRights360 ° / The Kahane Foundation.

Project Management & Production: Off Stream
Moderators: Eva Matsigkou & Nefeli Sani “I broke the vase”
Sound Editing of Collages: I broke the Vase
Workshop Participants: Greg Argyropoulos, Vicky Birou, Juliana Bousi, Christina Christodoulou, Eleni Christodoulou, Anastasia Deligianni, Nikos Demetriou, Konstantina Iakovou, Magda Kentroti, Evagelos Zalios

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