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The Inclusion Discourse Series Online Roundtable Discussion

The “Inclusion Discourse Series” is a series of online talks on culture, art, and inclusive practices, which concluded with a live round table discussion held on December 3rd 2021, World Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Art and culture have served as an ideal ground for innovative ideas to grow, often acting as catalysts for social change. But to what extent is art actually from all and addressed to all?

Is art considered democratic, when certain social groups are excluded from its experience? Could the integration of inclusive practices in the cultural sector pave the way for it’s integration in other aspects of everyday life?

Four invited experts from Greece and abroad answer questions from the audience and discuss about applied practices that aim to enable the inclusion of diverse user groups with and without disabilities in experiencing the various facets of culture.

Marina Markellou, Kerasia Michalopoulou, Ester Solomon, Joel Snyder and Gregor Strutz elaborate on the topics they presented on their video-talks and exchange opinions on Inclusive Design Principles and Audio Description techniques, about inclusive practices that the artists can adopt to render their artworks inclusive and apply during the creative process, and last present the Issues of Copyrights and the Framework for the protection of Intellectual Property when creating inclusive tactile representations of artworks.

Invited Experts

Marina Markellou (GR), Lawyer specialised in Copyright Law, Ph.D. in Law University of Athens-University of Montpellier I, Post-Doc Researcher and Research Associate at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences-Department of Communication, Media and Culture

Kerasia Michalopoulou (GR), Audio Describer, Liminal Access

Joel Snyder (USA), Ph.D., President, Audio Description Associates, LLC, Director, Audio Description Project, ACB

Esther Solomon (GR), Assistant Professor in Museum Studies, Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences, University of Ioannina, Greece

Gregor Strutz (DE), Product & Graphic Designer, Founder & Managing Director Inkl. Design GmbH Design Agency

Photo of the speaker Marina Markellou for the Inclusion Discourse Series
Photo of the speaker Joel Snyder for the Inclusion Discourse Series
Photo of the speaker Esther Solomon for the Inclusion Discourse Series
Photo of the speaker Gregor Strutz for the Inclusion Discourse Series

The event is part of the series of online talks on culture, art, and inclusive practices “The Inclusion Discourse Series” and was realised by Off Stream under the auspices and with the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports in 2021.

More about the Inclusion Discourse Series:

Project’s Duration: October – December 2021
Inception-Design-Implementation: Off Stream
Moderators: Stela Anastasaki & Christina Vlachou
Event Direction: Argyro Barata
Production Assistant: Zina Lefkou
Communication: Despoina Polychronidou
Camera: George Kogias
Visual Identity: Post-Spectacular Office
Graphics: Dimitris Lelakis & Mariza Tsakona
Motion Graphic Sound Design: Adam Siagas
Translation: Glossima & Wehrheim
International Sign Language Interpretation: Smiyl School, Spyros Kouzelis, Apostolis Margaritidis

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