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articles about our work

Balkan Hotspot, Maria Lina Anagnostidou | Sept 2023

Cultural Heritage for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Inclusive Expressions: The Mind’s Eye Project and Off Stream’s Pursuit of Equality through Art and Culture

Vlepo by Ophthalmica, 10th Edition | May 2022

“Off Stream: Culture | Education | Inclusion”. A few words about Off Stream and our work in the 10th anniversary issue of the “Vlepo” magazine by the Institute of Ophthalmology & Microsurgery Ophthalmica. Page 10. Text in Greek.

Larissorama.gr, Kyriakos Messinis | 03 November 2022

Discovering the Unseen Aspects of the G. I. Collection – Inclusion in the experience of Art. One more museum becomes more inclusive with Off Stream’s signature. Text in Greek.

In.Gr | 24 October 2022

Works of art become multi-sensory and are reintroduced to the public at the Municipal Gallery of Larissa. Text in Greek.

COZYVIBE, Maria Mylona | 14 October 2022

Off Stream aims at a society of meaningful inclusion. Text in Greek.

LarissaNet | 14 October 2022

“Discovering the Unseen Aspects of the G. I. Katsigras Collection” An innovative project for visitors with visual impairment. Text in Greek

LiFO, Mikropragmata | December 2021

How easily can a person that experiences some form of disability enjoy art in their life? Text in Greek.

Athens – Macedonian News Agency, Natassa Karathanou | 4 December 2021

Audio Description and other methods for including persons with disabilities. Text in Greek.

E-Daily, Despoina Polyxronidou | 3 December 2021

Can a person with visual impairment “see” art? A conversation with OFFSTREAM on the occasion of the World Day of Persons with Disabilities. Text in Greek.

ΕΡΤ News, Department of Digital Media ΕΡΤ3 | 30 November 2021

Online Discussion on culture, art and inclusive practices. Text in Greek.

TyposThess, Lemonia Vasvani | 30 November 2021

Rendering art more accessible to the visually impaired.
An online discussion brings to light issues related to the inclusion of visually impaired persons in culture. Text in Greek.

CozyVibe.gr, Maria Mylona | 15 January 2021

Stela Anastasaki: The person behind the project “Mind’sEye”, realized her vision for equal access to culture. Text in Greek.

ΕλCulture | 23 June 2020

“Mind’s Eye | Touching Art”: The innovative accessibility project that brings in contact people with total or partial loss of sight with artworks of the MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art permanent collection. Text in Greek.

HuffPost Greece, Newsroom | 23 June 2020

Mind’s Eye: Touching Art at MOMus.
The innovative accessibility program for people with partial or total loss of sight. Text in Greek.

Makedonia, Κiriaki Tsolaki | 14 May 2020

Blind & visually impaired people see… works of art, through the “Mind’s Eye” pilot program to be implemented at MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art. Text in Greek.

Ethnos tis Kiriakis, Maria Ritzaleou | 12 April 2020

MOMus: Art accessible to persons with visual impairment. Text in Greek.

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