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SENSin project poster. On a graphite background appears a white circle featuring the word SENS in capital and the word in, in low case letters. The circle is surrounded by the words sensory engagement navigating symbiotic innovation in red letters. The project is cofounded by the EU

Touch and Haptic perception

A sensory masterclass by Off Stream in the context of the project SENSin | May 11th, 2023 On Thursday, May 11th 2023, Christina Vlachou and Stela Anastasaki held a masterclass […]

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Image of the event Conversas no5

Conversas Thessaloniki #05

What does red taste like? Thursday, March 31st 2022 | Conversas ThessalonikiOrganized by: Phēno How can we perceive color with other senses beyond sight? What does yellow sound like? If […]

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