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The Inclusion Discourse Series Online Roundtable Discussion

The Inclusion Discourse Series Αφίσα Πρότζεκτ

The Inclusion Discourse Series

The Inclusion Discourse Series The “Inclusion Discourse Series” is a series of online talks on culture, art, and inclusive practices. Aiming to enhance the discussion about the inclusion of audiences […]

Event Poster. On a white background on the upper side of the image is written the date 16.10.2021 in bold black fond. Right underneath it, is the title "Traversing Energy Spaces" in black smaller fond. The center of the poster features a graphic composition consisting of a wide horizontal line in bright green, with a green circle in the center and a thick green horizontal line at the bottom creating the abstract impression of an eye. At the bottom of the poster is text with the event information and the logos of MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona and Off Stream.

Traversing Energy Spaces

Traversing Energy Spaces Off Stream designed and implemented two inclusive guided tours for people with and without visual impairment as part of the periodic exhibition “Takis – Energy Spaces” at […]

Όψη της έκθεσης «Takis-Ενεργειακοί Τόποι» σε επιμέλεια Κατερίνας Σύρογλου στο MOMus-Μουσείο Άλεξ Μυλωνά, 15 Μαΐου-30 Οκτωβρίου 2021. Δεξιά το έργο Μουσικό, 1977 του καλλιτέχνη Τάκις και αριστερά τα διαδραστικά μουσειοπαιδαγωγικά κουτιά που σχεδίασε και δημιούργησε η Κατερίνα Μπακαλιού στο πλαίσιο του Mind’s Eye για την ερμηνεία των έργων Μουσικό και Σινιάλα του Takis. ©2022 Off Stream

Takis – Energy Spaces

The museum-educational boxes of Mind’s Eye in the periodic exhibition “Takis – Energy Spaces” at MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona curated by Katerina Syroglou.  The exhibition “Takis – Energy Spaces” included the […]

Mind’s Eye Λογότυπο

Mind’s Eye

Mind’s Eye Touching Art at MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art Mind’s Eye is a pilot project aiming to bring in contact with art blind and visually impaired persons. The project was […]

Αφίσα Sonic Memorabilia Πρότζεκτ 2021 Sonic Memorabilia Project Poster 2021

Sonic Memorabilia

Sonic Memorabilia “Sonic Memorabilia” is a project about the composition of sound collages that took place in October 2021. It was a series of workshops, where the participants were invited […]

Catalog cover detail. On a red background the title "The 25th letter of AB" is written in large white font. Above the title is shown the application of the relief, transparent Braille transcription in Greek. A detail of the silver metallic spiral of bookbinding appears on the left.

The 25th Letter of the Alphabet

The 25th Letter of the Alphabet The printed inclusive catalogue created for the Museum of Education “Xeniseum” of the University of Crete, is addressed equally to people with or without […]

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