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The main element of the projects we design or undertake, is the experimentation with new and innovative approaches in art, culture, education, as well as other aspects of social life.

Off Stream’s methodology focuses on the principles of universal design, experiential education (learning by doing) and creative research.

A principle we apply when designing our projects and services is to concern and address to as many groups of audiences as possible without the need for further customization or personalized design. In this way all audience groups are equally included preventing segregation.

At the core of our practice is the recording of the processes we follow as we experiment with the various art forms and the ways of rendering them accessible to people with sensory disabilities.

Everything we design is tested and evaluated by a group of collaborators with sensory disabilities (focus group) at all stages of development.

The recording process combined with the continuous collaboration with the focus group allows us to create our own unique approach which fully meets the needs of as many groups of audiences as possible.

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