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Traversing Energy Spaces

Traversing Energy Spaces

Traversing Energy Spaces

Off Stream designed and implemented two inclusive guided tours for people with and without visual impairment as part of the periodic exhibition “Takis – Energy Spaces” at the MOMus-Museum Alex Mylonas, in Athens, on Saturday 16 October 2021 on the occasion of the International White Cane Day.

Event poster. On a white background, the date 16.10.2021 is shown at the top of the image in bold capital letters and below the title "Crossing Energy Lands" in black, more subtle letters. The center of the poster features a graphic composition consisting of a wide horizontal line in bright green, with a green circle in the center and a thick green horizontal line at the bottom creating the abstract impression of an eye. At the bottom of the poster is written text with information about the event and the logos of MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona and Off Stream.

October has been designated as the month for raising awareness about people with partial or total loss of sight, and October 15th is the International White Cane Day.

Having as a starting point the inclusive applications created in the context of the project Mind’s Eye for the accessibility of the artworks Sonic (1965), Signals (1974) and Musical (1977) by Takis, we traversed the energy spaces of the Greek sculptor, guided by Stela Anastasaki, art historian and Katerina Bakaliou, architect, museum educator and creator of interactive museum-educational objects.

Te guided tours aimed to create a common ground for visitors with and without visual impairment.

Design & Implementa: Off Stream

Periodic Exhibition: Takis – Energy Spaces, MOMus-Museum Alex Mylon

Exhibition’s Curation: Katerina Syroglou

Guided Tours Implementation: Stela Anastasaki (Off Stream), Katerina Bakaliou

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