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Theoretical and practical applications for Accessibility and Inclusion of persons with disabilities in museums

Lecture & Workshop | 5 & 14 December 2023

Christina Vlachou and Stela Anastasaki, invited by Mrs. Chara Kanari, Assistant Professor, School of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, held a lecture on Tuesday, December 5, to students of the postgraduate program “Education Sciences: Theory and Praxis in Changing Learning Environments” as part of the course “Theoretical approaches and practices in Museum Education and Arts”.

The lecture included a presentation of Off Stream’s methodology and applied practices on accessibility and inclusion in museum environments, artistic co-creation, non-formal education and public events.

Τα συμμετέχοντα στο εργαστήριο μαζί με τις εισηγήτριες από την Off Stream ποζάρουν μπροστά από το έργο Σκάλες του Αχιλλέα Απέργη, στον εκθεσιακό χώρο του ΜΟΜus-Μουσείο Σύγχρονης Τέχνης.
Η Χριστίνα Βλάχου και η Στέλα Αναστασάκη παραδίδουν διάλεξη στην αίθουσα του μεταπτυχιακού προγράμματος του ΑΠΘ.

On Thursday, December 14, Off Stream implemented an experiential workshop on the methodology of the Meeting Points project for the students of the postgraduate program.

The workshop took place in the exhibition space of MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art focusing on the artwork “Stairs” by Achilleas Apergis.

We would like to warmly thank Ms. Chara Kanari for the invitation and trust, Ms. Thouli Misirloglou for hosting the workshop at MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art and of course the students for their contribution and enthusiasm.

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